>> 22 Oct 2004

Moore of the Same Required

IRA-loving lyricist and talentless windbag, Christy Moore, has been spitting blood because of his detention by North Wales Police after his disembarkation from an Irish ferry. He was apparently en route to a gig in Liverpool.

I don't like the thought of terrorist-infatuated human garbage disguised as a 'folk singers' (or indeed any other manifestation) being able to travel incognito in the United Kingdom. Moore is a man whose lyrics (if we can call them such) praise the activities of PIRA. The fact that he was travelling to a British city to bring good cheer to accordant hypocrites and miscreants should not deter the authorities from detaining him on the basis of supporting terrorism (an illegality under UK law). When he finally arrives back in 'Oireland', maybe he will do the British people the courtesy of damn well staying there!!


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