>> 22 Oct 2004

Salem's Lot!

No American president in history has been more of a target for Lefty invective than George W Bush. If he isn't the brunt of insults and scare stories from the likes of The Guardian, he has to suffer denunciation from obsessional slobs like Michael Moore.

Despite the incessant criticism; bouts of sarcasm; the lunacy of Farenheit 9/11; deprecation from an assortment of Jihadist-inclined politicians; and counterproductive advice from UK Left-leaning newsprint, it becomes ever more apparent that, save for an event of monumental proportions, Bush will be safely re-elected to serve a second term. The reasons for this are articulated with excellent breviloquence by The Salem News. It says:

'Our choice for president is George W. Bush.

We're fighting an ideology that uses religious radicalism and terrorism to achieve its end. And the end it desires is frightening. Islamic fundamentalists hate us because of who we are — a free, modern people. They seek no accommodation with us — their only goal is our destruction.

Bush understands that we must take the fight to the terrorists and the rogue states that support them. Under Bush's leadership, our forces have liberated 56 million people from oppressive regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Three years after the war began in Afghanistan, free democratic elections were held. Elections are coming in Iraq next year and we guarantee that this time, Saddam Hussein will not get 100 percent of the vote.

Iraq is not a distraction from the war on terrorism but fully part of it. Saddam's regime ruled through fear and intimidation created by the execution and torture of hundreds of thousands of its citizens. Iraq was a source of destabilization in the Middle East, a constant threat to Israel and its peaceful Arab neighbors. Iraq had twice invaded neighboring states, used weapons of mass destruction on its own people, was funding suicide bombers in Israel and, according to the report by chief U.S. weapons inspector Charles A. Duelfer, was prepared to resume weapons programs as soon as the sanctions were lifted.'

It is so refreshing to know that, in a media world increasingly dominated by liberal propaganda anxious to speciously present America as a Great Satan - the source of every global ill, some editors are willing and able to present the struggle of democracy against terrorism in clear, unambiguous terms. Whatever the 'parity of the polls', it is the above sentiments which will increasingly resonate with US voters as they near the stark choice between an incumbent ready to continue orchestrating the essential war on terror, and a capricious challenger whose principal talent is his ability to tell competing pressure groups whatever they wish to hear.


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