>> 4 Oct 2004


Thanks to Slugger for the developing story about the battle for the anti-Agreement vote at the next General Election in North Down. It seems that the DUP are suggesting that my former colleague in matters politic, Bob McCartney, should stand aside for Peter Weir, their newly selected Westminster hopeful. The idea is that this will maximise the anti-Agreement vote and allow the DUP to take Ulster Unionist Sylvia Hermon's seat. However, is it that simple?

Are the DUP "Anti-Agreement" in the sense that McCartney is? Why should the electorate be deprived of choice merely to suit the political appetites of one Party? Is the most important objective here to oust Hermon? Should the older man not give way to younger blood? It will be interesting to see how this one works out. I see that a "spokesman" for McCartney has ruled out the notion of the UKUP Leader stepping aside. Mmmmm..


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