>> 19 Oct 2004


Lib-Dem Leader Charles Kennedy is furious! He is demanding that Labour's ordinarily inept Foreign Secretary "scandalously" misrepresented his party's policy on Iraq on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. Mr Straw said that if the Lib Dems' anti-war policy had been followed, Saddam Hussein would have been strengthened.

Of course he is right. The gutless opportunistic morally bankrupt Kennedy may get upset when the truth is told about his Party - but he needs to get over it, calm down, and have a drink, or two.

The problem is that Straw only tells half the story. If the pacifist Kennedy prevailed, Saddam would still be in power, he would still be financing suicide bombers and celebrating when they slaughter innocent Israelis, he would still be filling those mass graves with women and babies, he would still be providing a home from home for international terrorists like Abu Nidal, he would still be financing all those UN crooks via the Oil for Food scam - in short, he would still be a real and present danger. But Kennedy can't see past his own pomposity.


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