>> 21 Oct 2004


From the always fascinating Iraq the Model blog;

"I have been a sailor for 22 years, but no one ever bothered to teach me how to navigate properly or tie knots," said Haqi Ismail, 39, a toothless sailor, who described how in the former navy he had been sunk on three separate occasions.

This is why we keep saying that disbanding the former Iraqi forces was NOT a mistake, even if everyone else says the opposite. It was a corrupt opportunistic useless mass that would’ve costed huge money with virtually no benefit. Even in the new ING and IP you can find agents for the old regime and the terrorists and we often hear reports about arresting some of those here and there for spying.Now the Iraqi navy among other parts of the Iraqi forces is getting the proper training. It’s still small and not really effective but it’s making the right start.Read the rest of the story here.


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