>> 19 Oct 2004


Misrepresenting the truth is always popular with politicians. John Kerry is no exception, indeed he seems to excel at this. Some of the more blatant lies in his campaign have surrounded the campaign in Tora Bora to cleanse Afghanistan of the Taliban/Al Qu'eda regime.

He claims that; "We had him (Bin Laden) surrounded." He then adds, "We outsourced military action."

Shot in the Dark, with help of Tommy Franks exposes the falsity of these claims.

"Surely Kerry knows how he's mischaracterizing the operations in Tora Bora; certainly his entire campaign staff can't be illiterate about military history. Right? But Democrats as a group tend to be profoundly illiterate on the topic. And it's them that Kerry is aiming at - the vast, teeming hordes of well-meaning Democrats who dont' know the difference between an F-16 and an M-16, the people who think Von Clausewitz is a brand of mineral water, people for whom "strategy" and "tactics" are interchangeable; the uninformed."


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