>> 26 Oct 2004

A View to a Kill

This is what happens when weak, irenic governments insist on giving Ulster's political jobs to pesky, irksome little nationalists. When they are not concealing guns under the table, pandering to their own communities, breaking the law, defending terrorists, undermining the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom and other such endeavours, they are shooting their mouths off about whether or not to support the police: a service which, by its very nature, must uphold the legal and political integrity of the state it seeks to serve.

Denis Bradley is mea culpa this time around. In an astonishing outburst Bradley, once a priest who became famous as Martin McGuinness's confessor (and who allegedly told him that killing British soldiers was not a sin), said nationalists should reappraise their support for the police if 'the stalemate goes on'. Quite what the PSNI has to do with the ongoing intransigence of republicans - who refuse to visually decommission and disband their illegal Mafioso - I have no idea.

In one sentence, Bradley has exposed the truth behind the historic republican refusal to support the police. Lack of support for the RUC had absolutely sweet sod all to do with the force's ethos, badge or predominant religious make-up. It was a phenomenon of republican refusal to give credence to the legitimate forces of the State. Now that some IRA-loving elements of this cow-pat of a community have realised that the PSNI will not be morphing into a terrorist-controlled band of social workers in smart uniform, they are looking for an exit strategy - using the current deadlock as an excuse to justify the revocation of erstwhile endorsement.

We then move on to the clarion call of 'joint authority'. In one sentence we have a person employed effectively by the British State calling for the dilution of that same state's sovereignty in the region where he acts as an official figure. Me thinks Bradley should go back to doing what he does best: writing drivel for the Irish News, apple-polishing republican terror and whispering in McGuinness's ear.


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