>> 19 Oct 2004


Today's headline in Haaretz is that 13% of the graduates from Ben Gurion University are unemployed and this is the highest for any university in Israel, and fully 53% of graduates were unable to find work in the profession they had studied at the university.

Gosh, I wonder if the high number of unemployed and poorly employed BGU grads might have something to do with the fact that Ben Gurion University also contains the highest number of anti-Israel, "post-Zionist", far-leftist, and anti-Jewish faculty members out of all Israeli universities, including many who endorse worldwide boycotts of Israel and who endorse law breaking and refusal by leftists to serve in the Israeli military until Israel adopts those policies supported by its communist party. Perhaps the labor market simply understands what sorts of nonsense are being taught at Ben Gurion University?

By Stephen Plaut.


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