>> 19 Oct 2004


That walking hypocrisy on stilts, Kofi Annan, delivers a lecture in Northern Ireland today. Mr Annan, an outspoken critic of US and British policy in Iraq, will deliver the latest Tip O'Neill Lecture at the University of Ulster's Magee campus in Co Londonderry. Yesterday Mr Annan said in an interview that the war had not made the world a safer place.

Well, let's leave the current genocide in Darfur to one side. I know it's a touch awkward for Kofiand the gang. And, when we're at it, let's be quiet about the genocide that took place in Rwanda - that's a tad indelicate for Kofi.

So, if we set aside these ONE MILLION lives lost whilst the United Nations looked on and did NOTHING - maybe we should review kOIFI'S allegation that removing Saddam Hussein has "not made the world a safer place."

A safer place for who, exactly?

For Saddam - and his two evil sons who had turned Iraq into their private torture chamber. No - it's certainly less safe.

For the Jihadi - well, they've been drawn out of the shadows and are being eliminated one by one by the Coalition soldiers. Less safe there, as well.

For dictators like Ghadaffi - much less safe hence the sudden conversion to a less dangerous road!

So, Kofi is right - the world is less safew for certain people - and maybe, just maybe, that includes pompous morally vacuous UN General Secretary's.


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