>> 4 May 2004


Whilst Labour is an appalling political party which has set out to destroy much of what made Britain great, in my mind the Liberal-Democrats headed by Charles Kennedy is the most loathsome party of all. All things to all men, it is launching its pro-European integration Euro-campaign today. Listening to the publicity the BBC unsurprisingly provides to the Lib-Dem's one has to remember that their policies are wacko, that their political principles are absent and that they have all the backbone of a jelly-fish. They act as a lever for the left...whilst pretending to be "centre-ground" for their media pal. I laughed at their plan to use the EU to improve security against Jihadists. Yeah, bring on that crazy Belgium Army, Charles. The Lid-dem's get away with blue murder, no one is allowed to challenge their wacko agenda, no wonder Charles raises his glass to a free ride.


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