>> 20 Oct 2004


"A group of travellers has been given £600,000 by a London council to move on. The authority handed out £30,000 of taxpayers' money per family to the "nightmare" neighbours. But the payments have been condemned as bribes by residents of Wood Green who suffered years of intimidation and thefts."

Peter Cuthbertson deals with the consequences for the British tax-payer flowing from the UK, unlike thirteen other member states, chosing NOT to restrict migration from the ten new members then joining the EU.

"Tabloid newspapers and migration restrictionist web sites warned that some of the first to take advantage of this would be up to three million gypsies - their current conditions in places like Romania looking very drab compared to a Britain where one can have a lifetime career on benefits so generous that you'll do better than millions of people who work hard, and where - for those who want a little more - burglaries and muggings go uninvestigated. Who would have imagined that within months local authorities in Britain's capital would be introducing this new incentive? Well done Haringey Council."


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