>> 3 Oct 2004


For some time, it has been obvious that Palestinian murder cult, Hamas, has been using United Nations ambulances to launch their vile attacks on Israel. Here you can view the latest filmed instance of this. Israel is quite right to demand the resignation of Peter Hansen from his position as commissioner-general of UNRWA (UnitedNations Relief and Work Agency). It is also right to target and kill each of these Hamas terrorists...sorry, should that be "militants"?...er no, terrorists is right!

As usual the great moral equivocator, Kofi Annan, intervenes to advise both sides to calm down. By doing this, he makes it clear that the UN cannot distinguish between terrorists and their victims. This is no big surprise since the UN cannot even agree on what a terrorist actually is. However, whilst Kofi and his wretched gang pontificate pointlessly, the IDF goes about the real business of dealing with Palestinian terrorism. Good luck to them - and let us hope that they do not listen to the appeasing chorus now in full throated cry.


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