>> 23 Oct 2004


So, Mitchel Mclaughlin says that the DUP is seeking to humiliate the IRA over its demand for visible decommissioning. McLaughlin told the BBC's Inside Politics programme on Saturday that the DUP were moving the goalposts and increasing the threshold in relation to an end to IRA arms and actions.

Oh no - imagine trying to humialate a gang of inhuman butchers like the IRA!! That will never do, will it. I suppose Mitchel would much prefer that Unionism played silent tribute to the bunch of bloodthirsty barbarians that have waged genocide against it for thirty five years by graciously allowing the IRA to "put arms beyond use" in whatever "modality" was acceptable to the gunmen?

As far as I am concerned, only when the IRA is shown on LIVE on TV flying a white flag up a South Armagh flagpole, then handing over all their illegal weapons, and being imprisoned for their evil acts, would I be satisfied. So to paraphrase Bruce Forsythe "Humilation is the name of the game." McLaughlin and his ilk need to accept that the IRA is a grotesque anachronism and it's day has indeed come - and gone. Self indulgent sound bites on the BBC are a poor substitute for facing reality.


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