>> 19 Oct 2004

Jude Collins - A Funny Sort of Abnormal

Am I wrong, or is the Thursday stooge at the Irish News moving increasingly on to dissident republican territory? Collins looks like he wrote last week's submission in a fit of petty Irish rage at the mere thought of 5,000 British soldiers continuing to be garrisoned in what is, after all, a part of their own country.

'It takes an effort to imagine what 5,000 looks like' said Jude as he waxed lyrical about HM Armed Forces. 'Heavens to bitsy' shrieks the addled brain of this most quintessential nationalist bigot: 5,000 people all armed with a 'submachine gun'! The mind boggles! Well, actually, no it doesn't. Northern Ireland was cursed for thirty years (and continues to be cursed) with a terrorist organisation in possession of 100 tonnes of armaments and high explosives. And all whilst its political wing seeks constitutional usurpation of two internationally recognised, legitimate jurisdictions. Do I hear Collins thundering on about that? Noooooo.

Turning to matters military, Collins takes fellow nationalist 'klansmen' to task for not demanding the extirpation of soldiers from Ulster. He states: 'If they needed somewhere to practice their killing arts, surely there's enough room for them on Salisbury Plain.' On the other hand, if they wanted to learn about the killing arts of republican terrorist bums who still run amok in the United Kingdom with assorted punishment beatings and extortion rackets galore, surely they could travel to South Armagh or Andersonstown and look down on the vermin who harbour them 24/7, eh?

To round off a thoroughly unpleasant tirade against all things British, Collins focuses on the conception of Northern Ireland in a classic piece of erroneous separatist panorama. On Planet Nationalist, Northern Ireland didn't come into being to preserve the British link sacred to a clear majority of its people, it came into being purely to kick Catholics into the dust. It appears irrelevant that Catholics played important roles in the British Army, the RUC, the NI Civil Service, and the judiciary. In Collins revised testament, Catholics suffered nothing but pain and hardship at the hands of the 'wicked Brits', even though the IRA killed more Catholics than any other set of protagonists in the squalid terrorist campaign republicans started and intensified.

Believe me, if Collins views Britain's stance on Ulster as a 'facial carbuncle', I fear to write down how I regard individuals like him tugging at the violin strings of pathos every single Thursday. Maybe one day he would care to visit a country where minorities are victimised and targeted. Only then might he cease shouting insults from his increasingly poor mouth.


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