>> 24 Oct 2004


As he morphs into David Trimble, DUP Deputy Leader Peter Robinson suggests of DUP attempts to get a fair deal, "While there is still a gap it is now simply a case of working through all of the issues and getting them resolved in a way that everyone is comfortable with. It is better to get it right than get it quickly.”

Mmmmm...let's think about that for a moment. "Simply a case of working through all of the issues!" Wow - bet no-one had thought of that before! What a revolutionary thought from Peter. I guess none of those daft as a brush Ulster Unionists ever considered something as radical as "working through all of the issues!"

But Peter goes on to dazzle us with his intellectual brilliance. "It is better to get it right than get it quickly.” You don't say. Better for whom? And why?

Having given us a wonderful example of stating the bleeding-obvious, Robinson goes on to state that the mighty DUP demand “a visual aspect to the decommissioning of IRA weaponry”, meaning a photographic record of decommissioned weapons. What a guy! Would a few digital pictures suffice? How many would be required, exactly? Close-ups or panaromic?What about a decent video? Utterly pathetic.

It's fun watching the DUP turn into the UUP albeit with better PR. The only downside might be that those people who oppose the provisions of the Belfast Agreement on principle must now see that the DUP is sniffing around trying to conclude a deal that looks superficially OK but which in fact will be substantively no better than that obtained by the UUP. Both parties will have succeeded in failing the people. Don'tcha just love our unionist political class??


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